Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Welcome to "Today On a Horse I Shall Ride"!
This is a story for children I wrote and illustrated. I am an artist/writer who loves both animals and kids, so I like telling stories where they interact.
I hope you enjoy TOAHISR, and welcome your comments!


  1. Lovely, whimsical story and gorgeous illustrations! I hope you will post many more such stories here!

  2. Thank you so much, Sue! Already working on the next one.

  3. Andy,

    May I suggest that you used a single blog to put your art? Each art piece one blog entry? This way it would be so much easier to find and to follow. I swear I would visit and recommend others to check it out. It's a pity that you disperse it and thus make it a bit harder to find. Besides you have to give it a blog title, select preferences for the view, and such every time you open a new blog for one more piece ...

    Just suggesting.

  4. Hi Negative Entropy,
    Thanks for your comments. My main blog is AndysArt, and that has many pages. The reason why I created separate blogs for each of my children's stories is so that I can use each of them separately to submit to publishers. I also have created these same stories on Pinterest. Right now, what I am trying to do with the stories is give them a wide forum, on their own.
    It is an ongoing and time consuming project! :) The next step is to add each of these stories as a separate page on the main blog, whereas now they are only provided as links.
    I am involved in numerous projects now so I tend to go about things too slowly. And admittedly, I waste too much arguing on SW! :)

    So thanks for the great suggestion, because it has reminded me to get my priorities straight.

    1. I understand. Keep making such nice stuff.

    2. NE, prompted by your suggestion, all three children's stories are now pages on my main blog, on the right side list pages.


      Thanks again!